servicii web design

Our mission is to surpass our customers’ expectations by offering quality services and customisation for their needs, adapted to the market needs and to the latest technologies in terms of Web Design, SEO, Adwords and Social Media. We are an enthusiastic young team (addicts) of internet ready to fill the needs of your online business. Besides these, we deal with the next things too.



The Openhub is an IT Club which we founded due to our collective passion for technology and information which we share in our IT community from Galati. We organize periodic conferences with different topics from the online environment. It is at the same time, a project dedicated to communication and development through interaction and experience exchange. OpenHub is a stable community that wins new contributors with every edition, and we are the happiest to see it growing from year to year.



Bloggers Arena Galați (#BAG), is a socializing and gaming event from Galați dedicated to bloggers and their readers. Each of us play the games we consider we are good at and we play until exhaustion, or until someone defeats us. If you are a blogger and you like to play games, leave us a message on Facebook and we will give you more details about next edition. The first edition of Bloggers Arena Galați (#BAG) was a lot of fun with a number of participants exceeding our expectations.



The passion for football and the digital environment meet in only one place: FIFA. We organize Fifa console competitions, in which we participate after we finish up the Internet and all the sites on our checklist. These activities take part in the team building process until we get pissed on the adversary. Of course, everything is just for fun, it happens and it stays inside the competition.



Because we like to have fun and we like to share the way we have fun and all the crazy things that cross our minds, we began to film ourselves. The first time only for amusement, the second time for the same reason, until we decided to make something definite and thus appeared the channel VINEri, where we post a funny clip every Friday, or at least what we consider amusing.



To consolidate the team and to know each other better, we organize periodic long gaming nights, bike rides, football and tennis matches, running sessions and any other kind of sport which makes us move away from the desk. We get together for barbeques, movie nights and just about any activity that we like. Besides all these mini events, we travel every summer to the mountain where we have fun and spend quality time.




We constantly expand our team and we always adopt new web technologies which we talk about in trainig sessions with all the team. We share knowledge and tehnical experiences, we search for solutions and new development methods. Learning is a continuously process which we encourage on every occasion, so we choose that it happens in a interactive and fun way.




One of the most appreciated and interesting activities was the establishment of days in which we were talking and writing only in English, so we develop our vocabulary, our ways to express, and the language itself which is very important in our working environment. Thursday is English day, no one answers in Romanian. FYI.




We participate with every occasion at conferences either as speakers or as participants. We like and we are eager to meet passionate people from the field, to learn from their experience and to develop ourselves personally and professionally. We adapt to every situation and we become better and better at public speaking.



Every year we accommodate young students that are eager to learn and work in the online environment. A part of them will become our colleagues, and the others will leave with a valuable set of knowledge. We do specialized training, we integrate them in the team where they learn how it is to work with others, with a deadline and a responsibility on the project. Student’s practice is done in partnership with “Dunărea de Jos” University from Galați.