What else do we deal with?

OpenHub is an IT Club that we start because we share a passion for technology and information that we also share with the IT community from Galati. We periodically organize conferences on different online themes. At the same time, this is a project dedicated to communication and development with the help of interaction and experience sharing.

OpenHub is a stabile community that gains new members with every edition, and we are happy to see that we grow from year to year.


 Facebook: ClubOpenhub

 Website: www.openhub.ro


Bloggers Arena Gala?i (#BAG), it’s a socializing gaming event in Galati dedicated to bloggers and their readers. We sign up for the games that we think we master and we play up to exhaustion or until someone better us at that games.

If you are a blogger and you like to game, leave us a Facebook message and we will give you more details about the next edition. The first edition of Bloggers Arena Galati (#BAG) was super fun with a number of participants that exceeded our expectations.


The passion for football and online environment meet in one single place: FIFA. We organize Fifa competition on console that we play after we finish the Internet and the sites that we have to design.

 Facebook: TheconLiga1

Twitch: /thecon2016

Team buildings

In order to consolidate our team and to better know each other, we periodically organize long nights of gaming, get-aways with bikes, we play football, tennis, we jog and any other activity that requires to leave your desk. We enjoy picnic, movie nights and any other activity that is a hobby for us.

Apart all these mini-events, every summer we go to the mountains in order to spend some quality time together.

Everything is part of the team building process, until we are pissed off by our opponent. Of course, everything is for fun and remains inside the competition.

 Facebook: theconro

 Photos: Marian Photos

Because we like having fun, we also like to share how we have fun and all the crazy things that we do, we started filming them.

First time it was just for fun, second time as well, until we decided to start our channel VINEri, where every Friday we upload a funny video, or at least one that we find funny.

 Facebook: VINEridevineri
 YouTube: VINEri

Training sessions

We constantly enlarge our team and adapt new web technology that we discuss in training sessions with the entire team.
We share pieces of technical info, we look for solution and new development methods.

Learning it’s an ongoing process that we encourage every time, so we choose to let it happen in an interactive and fun way.

 Facebook: theconro

Events and public speaking

We sign up for every conference that we find out about, may it be as a speaker or as a partaker. We like and we want to meet people that are passionate about this domain, to learn from their experience and to personally and professionally develop ourselves.

We adapt to every situation and we become better and better at public speaking.

 Facebook: theconro

Practice sessions with students

Every year we help students that are eager to learn about and to work in the online environment. Some of them became our colleagues, other leave with a valuable bag of information

We organize specialized training, we put them in a team, where they learn how to collaborate, how to respect a deadline and their responsibility for the project. This practice sessions are carried out with our partner ‘Dunarea de Jos’ University from Galati.

 Facebook: theconro

Do you want to create outstanding sites and you are tired of evaluating themes and testing? Our team works non-stop at developing WordPress themes.

We are the choice of thousands of users and that makes us proud.

 Facebook: Model Theme

 Twitter: modelTheme

 Website: www.modeltheme.com

 Envato: Elite author account

Personal development

We truly think that there are no stupid ideas. We encourage every learning initiative and idea of personal development and that is way most of the things presented so far are the results of our colleagues’ ideas and hard work. our hobbies mean a lot for us and that is why we promote them anytime we have a chance.

Andrei Vasiliev “Vasi”: -blogger, proffesional gamer
Bogdan Munteanu: -vlogger, gamer, video master
Bogdan Pană: – blogger, gamer, beer lover
Ionuț Vlad: – designer, blogger, card game master
Marian Puțirac: -photographer, champion Battlefield One