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You need an informational system that would keep up with de accelerated development of the activities and complex elements that define every day your business success?
We recommend you a customized ERP solutions (Enterprise Resource Planning) on your company’s profile that will integrate in real time the monitoring and planning functions of production, stock and providers management as well as info related to income and payments, managing salaries and human resources, financial evidence and customer service.

Everything is interconnected, adaptable and flexible, saving you time and improving your productivity and level of control.

Testimonials .

  • “Good work, very professional, strong in reactivity and communication. On time and budget! Great communication, very professional. Every task is finished on time and at a high level of quality. Will hire again!”

    Didem Durmaz Dichemet
  • “The team from Thecon is extraordinary! They are absolutely driving the project into correct way. They are very acceptable for the feedback and they never give up the project. Highly recommend this team.”

    Larry Jacobsen
  • ‘I thank Thecon for its expediency, for respecting the working parameters, for its patience to listen to all our ideas and proposal for PresaGalati.ro project which we built together.”

    Delia Gavriliu

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Depending on the number of integrated modules in the solution created for you, the implementation can be done cumulative and as a whole, in just one step, or over a period of some months, in several steps, in order not to disturb the working flow and to assure a rapid and efficient integration of the new tools in your daily activity. The simplest and most popular modules are Financial – Accounting and those for managing customer service.

We will always be there for you during the first months in order to be sure that everything works by the book. The implementation is carried out many times by coming back to the development step, in order to add new modules that were not part of the initial plan, but later they prove to be quite useful.