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Our services bring us together and we use our talent and knowledge every day to provide effective, custom, innovative web solutions and IT jobs for enthusiasts. Whether you’re a developer or a skilled marketer, we’re sure to have an office for you and your development desire.

The first thing you’ll notice about our team is that we are very team-oriented and we want you to be a true #TeamPlayer too!

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Make It Fun!

The one principle that unites us is that whatever the complexity of the projects, we try to make them as enjoyable as possible. That’s why “Make It Fun” has become a benchmark for all teams at Thecon. We frequently organize gaming nights, eSports championships, annual legendary teambuildings, LAN parties and many other activities that bring us together.

Video Games  /  Walks /  Boardgames  /
Teambuildings  /  Outdoor activities

Opportunities and Benefits

As the harbingers of digitisation and advocates of personal development, we give you access to the latest technologies and a free hand to change the way users use the digital environment.

01 Supporting Innovative Ideas

Get your business idea heard, document the details and present it to our team in a short pitching session. If your idea is good and we feel you are determined to see it materialize, you will receive our support and potential funding

02 Access at Super Events

We are very active and present in the community both from a business and philanthropic point of view. You will frequently attend conferences, workshops or events on the topic of digitisation. We are even part of a cluster membership list, along with other creative industry players.

03 Legendary annual teambuilding

The teambuilding we organise every year is a completely different experience. Usually at the end of the summer season we organise a stellar teambuilding, where we don’t let any team experience go to waste. Treasure hunts, team games, unique activities, competitions. To personalize the teambuilding experience, we’ve even developed a dedicated mobile app.

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