Do you need an online shop?

In order to successfully start a business in this domain, you need a very detailed strategy and an online shop that will offer your client a nice experience.

With the help of our specialists, you can benefit from the most efficient e-commerce solution for your business.

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Which are your advantages?

Design: Taking into consideration your business’s identity and your potential clients, we will create a fantastic design.

Development: Our team of experts will create the technical base for an online shop that is easy to use and understand.

Release: We will make the last retouch and we will hold training sessions with those that will manage the platform

Maintenance: Keeping the site at a competitive level when it comes to its functionality by updating whenever needed all of its features.

Testimonials .

  • The team from Thecon is truly professional and was always there when it came to listening to each and every need that I had during the project. The quality of the final product proved that I made the best choice.

    Agnes Csoka
  • The team from Thecon was always there when I needed their help with development, and the way that they transformed the idea into the final product, the one that you see online, was perfect.
    This team proved to me that it is trustworthy and that they can see through any task or challenge. We will continue working with them and I will recommend them for their services any time I have the chance to those who want to open an online shop.

    Daniel Iorga
  • I would like to thank the whole team for the job they did. It worked out very well.
    When you give a job to someone from another country you always have fear (you don’t know the language, can I transport in english what I want, I don’t know how they work, can they do the job, am I getting something for my money, etc.) That’s why the most important part is to create trust with the customer. Trust kills fear!
    Always there and short response times to email or spontaneous skype calls (very good and very important)

    Daniel Scholz

Let's get started.

First of all, let's set some details about how you envision your project before we get to work on it.

Do not wait anymore
for the perfect moment.

An e-commerce site is by nature an online business tool with direct results when it comes to making money. Our work process starts with an analysis that help us understand your business, your products, your target client and the objectives that the site has to reach.

Depending on the pieces of information about the business and the brand that you want to create, we start working on the site’s design that will reach its final form taking into consideration your feedback. In this way, the final result will perfectly represent the essence of your business.