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When it comes to fashion industry, web design has no limits. The only rules that apply are perfection and the ability to impress on first sight.

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The website will be focused on photos and video materials and the content will mainly be visual so as to be easy to experiment with. The features that will define its success include a well-chosen color palette, simplicity, stunning images and a fluid layout.

When it comes to its functionality, a fashion website has to follow the industry’s spirit. That means we will offer interactive solutions and the latest technologies both for the site’s structure and its navigation component.

In this area of activity, where the image and perception are everything, the website is maintained with the help of marketing campaigns that are carried out on different platform that will extend its visibility and promote the image that was created.

Testimonials .

  • ‘The team from Thecon was always there when I needed their help with development, and the way that they transformed the idea into the final product, the one that you see online, was perfect.
    This team proved to me that it is trustworthy and that they can see through any task or challenge. We will continue working with them and I will recommend them for their services any time I have the chance to those who want to open an online shop.’

    Daniel Iorga
  • ‘I felt the team’s enthusiasm when it came to my concept and this lead to a healthy collaboration. I communicate very well with Ana, she pays attentions to details and she always came up with solutions whenever needed, in a short period of time.’

    Luna Morgaciova
  • “Good work, very professional, strong in reactivity and communication. On time and budget! Great communication, very professional. Every task is finished on time and at a high level of quality. Will hire again!”

    Didem Durmaz Dichemet

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When it comes to the latest trends in developing an online identity for the fashion domain and its product, microsites and pop-ups are the most popular options. These are the most used when it comes to distinctive campaigns, individualized, that need a proper visual place to take place.

It is all about personality and communication when it comes to the fashion industry. Use our adapted software solutions in order to easily monitor your stock and deliveries.