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Your business needs online visibility built in a professional and efficient way. You will get from us a coherent and realistic plan, tools and measurable results that will justify the costs.

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Strategy and planning: Because only complete and relevant pieces of information can lead to correct decisions, we start this stage by deeply analyzing your business, brand, products/services (those that you need to promote), competition and target market.i țintă.

Developing the concept: We work efficient with online campaigns that are conducted through several ways of transmission combining Facebook with Google AdWords or direct mailing.

We guarantee that we will launch the campaigns at the established terms and we will be there for you when in comes to technical management of publishing mechanisms and message updates.

Testimonials .

  • This team met all the required points! Keeps up to date with new SEO requirements with Google and the results are outstanding!! I will hire it again to give a good SEO service to some of my customers that needs a great job!!

    Mathieu Deguire
  • Pleasure to work with – good communication skills – prompt responses to emails or Skype. Will hire again.

    Alexis Twigg
  • The team from Thecon is truly professional and was always there when it came to listening to each and every need that I had during the project. The quality of the final product proved that I made the best choice.

    Agnes Csoka

Let's get started.

First of all, let's set some details about how you envision your project before we get to work on it.

Stop waiting for
the perfect moment.

Every on-line marketing campaign starts with a debate which will identify all the communication needs, the campaign’s objectives and the most efficient ways for online promotion that will lead to achieving your goals.
We will ask you about your business, brand and product, about your target market and your results so far. These will be done in order to be sure that we will prepare the best campaign for you with the results that you need.

We establish an objective, the core message and the means of communication. We talk about the budget and we start working around the concept. You will get several alternatives from which we will choose the final one together, taking into consideration any alterations that are required for its final and perfect form.