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Medical app for
pregnant women

Mobile app / Medical / Android
iOS / User Experience

Project Details

Natinfo app for gynaecologists and pregnant women

The app is designed to help gynaecologists track the progress of their patients' pregnancies, including important medical information, appointments and various test files.







Project Type

App Design & Dev


The complex and captivating storyline is conveyed with exceptional clarity. The writing serves as a prime example of how elegant, straightforward language can effectively communicate intricate concepts in a way that is easy to understand, without any hint of patronization.

Bringing it all together

Here, you can visualize our ideas, design, and concept in a user-friendly and
interactive environment.

Customer Feedback

I've been using this medical app throughout my pregnancy journey, and I can't express how valuable it has been. It's not just for expectant mothers. It's a fantastic resource for gynecologists as well. The easy navigation and wealth of information make it an essential tool for anyone in the field.

Valentina Stamate

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