Modern Design
Mobile Adapted



Online marketing

Magento allows the creation of newsletters to users in a simple way directly from the management system. There is the possibility to add promotional banners and discount coupons based on your preferences.


Advanced search

Unlike other platforms, Magento allows adding a large number of products with many customizations and attributes specifically designed to make navigating the website easier.


Customized design

There have been developed special themes for Magento E-commerce platform, facilitating the process of creating a design perfectly adapted to mobile devices but also to be easily SEO optimized.

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Layout Responsive

Given the increasing number of mobile devices users , naturlich.ro is entirely adapted using responsive design allowing even placing orders on the phone and very easy navigation of the site.

Using the latest technologies

SEO optimized and customized platform

Magento E-commerce platform

Magento offers multiple solutions for any functionality.
For Naturlich.ro website we customized the menu to display all of the product categories.

  • Customized advanced search button
  • Functionality integration for product comparing
  • Styling and design customization
  • Integration with a personalized login system
  • Easy SEO optimization
  • Functionality integration support for users

User account system personalization

  • Easy integration of the functionality perfectly adapted for the platform
  • The possibility to integrate a module for products
  • It offers the wishlist option
  • Discount applied directly onto the product
  • Banners and promotional posters
  • Dynamic effects for every element from the website
  • Personalized design

Sales monitoring system

The platform enables a detailed monitoring system for all orders and sales already made.

  • VAT updated automatically
  • It allows high traffic on site without issues
  • Monitoring system of an order all the way to delivery
  • It allows ERP management system integration
  • It can quickly change the details of an order directly from the administration system
  • The ability to set multiple prices for a product