What are your benefits?

If you have a blog and need some upgrades, we can help you for 2 hours. If you don’t have one yet, but you want to start this adventure, we can offer you all our tehnic knowledge for the launch.

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Together we will identify your blog’s week points, and we will analyze its graphics and functionalities

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Our team of designers and developers is at your disposal for 2 hours and will help with anything you need

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If you are satisfied with the collaboration, we just want you to write an article that recommends us to other bloggers too

Don't take our word for it


Adrian Orbai, adrianorbai.com

Two days ago I applied for the campaign which supports bloggers, a campaign in which the guys from thecon.ro stood at my disposal for 2 hours and helped me with anything I needed referring to SEO, graphic design and web development, and all I had to do was to write an article about them.
I can say that I was really happy and I truly recommend them. Therefore, if you need help don’t hesitate to apply for the campaign, because the effort is minimum. :).


Emil Călinescu, emilcalinescu.eu

Let me tell you how I found out about the guys from Thecon: I read about them at Daniela Bojincă. I didn’t need them at that time (or I didn’t think I’d need), so I didn’t ask for help. This year, after several readers reported me different problems, I decided to do a radical turnaround: change the theme completely. I thank the guys from Thecon hor help and congratulate them for the idea.


Ciuclaru Horia, dragaviata.ro

Someday seeking for solutions to improve the dragaviata.ro blog I stumbled across the guys from Thecon, the company that offers you their whole team for 2 hours to help those from the online field. I want to thank them this way for their professionalism that they have shown and for their patience because they well passed over the 2 hours granted for improving the blog.