Our campaign for supporting bloggers.

We help you free of charge to improve your blog and to be more popular than ever. Make use of our knowledge. Follow on Facebook #TheconSustineBloggerii and find out what more than 100 bloggers enrolled in the campaign think about us.

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How does it work?

If you have a blog that needs some improvements, we can help you in 2 hours. If you do not have a blog, yet you would like to start such an adventure, we provide you with all the technical information in order to start one.

Together we will identify the week spots of your blog, we will analyze its graphic and functionality.

Our team of designers and developers will be yours for 2 hours and they will help you with anything you need.

If you are content with our collaboration, all we want you to do is writing an article about us in order to recommend us to other bloggers as well.


After 10 years since I have started my blog, and because my theme was not responsive, I decided to turn to the Campaign supporting bloggers. Now I thank to Thecon for their professionalism and courtesy in answering all my questions (we changed more than 50 mails). If you are a blogger and you need help, join the campaign supported by Thecon.

Paul Gaitan

Exactly when I wanted to take the pressure of my developer friend, I found out about this campaign supported by Thecon, which offers website development services. That is why I sent them my never-ending list of questions. Now I sent them my technical gratitude for their professionalism, readiness and involvement. Thank you guys!

Cristina Stoica

Two days ago, I joined the campaign for supporting bloggers, a campaign started by thecon.ro. They were mine for 2 hours and helped me with anything I needed when it came to SEO, graphic design and web development, and all I did was writing an article about them. I was more than content and I truly recommend them. So, if you need help do not hesitate to sign up for the campaign for supporting bloggers, your effort is minimal :).

Adrian Orbai

Since this program started, I was coming across it all the time. After one day, two days, three days and so on in which this campaign started by Thecon was everywhere, I said, “let’s give it a try!’. The project is grand, seriously! I enjoyed the experience and I cannot deny it, it suited me perfectly. These people are very good in what they are doing and they have great ideas. So, if you are a blogger and you want to be part of this campaign started by Thecon, you should totally sign in for it!

Daniela Bojincă

Let me tell you how I find out about Thecon: I read about them at Daniel Bojinca. At that time, I didn’t need their services, (or I considered that I didn’t), so I didn’t turn to them. This year, after some of my readers pointed out some problems, I decided to make a radical change: I wanted a new them. I thank Thecon for their help and congratulate them for their idea.

Emil Călinescu

One day, while searching for solutions for making my blog dragavitat.ro better, I found out about Thecon, the company that lend you their entire team for 2 hours in order to help those who write online. I want to thank them for their professionalism, for their patience, because they spent more than 2 hours to improve my blog dravafiata.ro

Ciuclaru Horia

When I first heard of them I found it quite interesting (and quite natural at the same time) the way they choose to promote themselves. They are getting promoted by an online blogger whose blog it’s packed with all sorts of news and pieces of information. Because of the designed that was proposed by Thecon, from Galati with offices in Bucharest as well, my project, AncheteSpeciale got a new face and it’s a little bit better optimized. A professional work, you guys! Congrats, thank you and all the best, Thecon!

Răzvan Durlan

I came across the campaign for supporting bloggers online, it was a fuss created by a web design company from Galati. What do you mean a supporting campaign? What will they actually do? So, I find out from a blog or another that some smart guys are ready to work for anyone who need them for two hours in order to improve their blog. In other words, while you continue taking care of your content, a webmaster team fix your blog or help it run faster for a higher traffic.

Urieş Traian

Stop waiting for
the perfect moment.

#TheconSustineBloggerii started in the summer of 2015 and until now we helped more than 100 Romanian bloggers. We wanted to help the development of the Romanian blogosphere and to help, free of charge, those who create content to enrich their blogs and this is how we started a unique campaign in Romania.

The beginning was a little bit difficult because few of them trusted their blogs on the hands of some strangers, but step by step we got in charce and we started working, sending mails, talking over the phone, articles were written and a lot of things were shared. Our campaign reached the webstock with a nominalization at the Blogging category.