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We are a web design agency that takes pride with the sites developed for our clients. We always have experienced professionals to provide high quality services for our clients.

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We focus on:

Creating a uniform brand identity that will differentiate you from your competition.

Creating an original design for your new website.

Developing the web functionality according to your activity domain.

Retaining your online visitors on your website and increasing the number of your clients.

Testimonials .

  • ‘This team is one that simply is capable of doing anything, taking into consideration all the ideas or features that are presented to them. Our website, trumi.com is extraordinary because of them. I am very happy for the experience and I intend to collaborate with Thecon for many other future projects.’

    Nathan Jespersen
    CEO Trumi.com (Australia)
  • “I turned to Thecon after one of my counselors advise me to do so. The personnel from Thecon was truly flexible, acknowledging my marketing needs and also guiding me towards a web design and online development process.”

    Joe Durkee
  • ‘The team from Thecon is truly professional and was always there when it came to listening to each and every need that I had during the project. The quality of the final product proved me that I made the best choice.’

    Agnes Csoka

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First of all, let's set some details before we go ahead and get an idea of what your project will contain.

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the perfect moment.

We successfully develop personalized web solutions for your business’s success, adapted to your marketing strategy, industry and target market. We use the latest web technologies for a unique and eloquent design, for an intuitive structure and flowless functionality.

You are on the brink of getting started. First of all, your website will be heavily inspected. Beginning with the content (graphic, images, text) and ending with the functionality of each and every icon and link, everything will be taken into consideration. That is because we want everything to work fast, efficient and flawless.