What are your benefits ?

We are a web design company which is proud of the websites done for our clients. We always offer the highest quality services and experienced specialists, for both local and international projects in all fields. We use the latest technology and pursue the website optimization right from the start.

creare magazin online

Creating a unified brand identity and differentiating you apart from the competition

magazin online

The development of web functionalities specific to your activity field

realizare magazin online

The creation of an original design for your new website, that creates the best user experience.

creare magazin online

Keeping the visitors on your website and increasing your number of customers

Don't take our word for it

Didem Durmaz Dichemet

Didem Durmaz Dichemet , histoiredecadeau.com

“Good work, very professional, strong in reactivity and communication. On time and budget! Great communication, very professional. Every task is finished on time and at a high level of quality. Will hire again!”

Larry Jacobsen

Larry Jacobsen , productsprint.com

“The Thecon team is extraordinary! They are absolutely driving the project into correct way. They are very acceptable for the feedback and they never give up the project. Highly recommend this team.”

Delia Gavriliu

Delia Gavriliu , presagalati.ro

“Thanks to the Thecon team for readiness, for respecting the work, for the patience to listen to all the ideas and the proposals for the PresaGalati.ro project which we rebuilt together!”