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When it comes to health, the care for people start with the first contact and the challenge that most medical units have to face is transmitting their specialized pieces of information.

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The main role for a site is to bring the patients in the waiting room, and for this your website must be one of your top priorities. Easy to be seen and to access, your contact details must be crystal clear and should be placed in the header, footer or in a distinctive page of the menu, and the info presented must offer different means of contact and precise details about your location.

Sick people have no patience. For making it easier for them, the site structure must be intuitive and easy to browse, even if your services are very complex and you have a lot of departments and many specialists in your service and all sorts of details that must be up on the site one way or another.
Help your online visitors by having a search engine that will lead them to the exact information that they want.

Testimonials .

  • ‘The team from Thecon was always there when I needed their help with development, and the way that they transformed the idea into the final product, the one that you see online, was perfect.
    This team proved to me that it is trustworthy and that they can see through any task or challenge. We will continue working with them and I will recommend them for their services any time I have the chance to those who want to open an online shop.’

    Daniel Iorga
  • ‘I felt the enthusiasm of the entire team when it came to my concept and this thing made our collaboration an enjoyable one. I work very well with Ana, she is paying attention and she always came up with solutions, whenever needed, in a short period of time’.

    Luna Morgaciova
  • ‘I thank Thecon for its expediency, for respecting the working parameters, for its patience to listen to all our ideas and proposal for PresaGalati.ro project which we built together.”

    Delia Gavriliu

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You can improve your website efficiency by having a medical blog? Its role? Drawing more people to your business.

Take the next step and move from text to multimedia. Use visual element (pictures, videos) in order to have a bigger impact when it comes to present your culture and way of approach in your medical center.

Things changes and so is the way patients seek for info. Do not neglect the tools that are offered by social media and that will help you in obtaining an easier communication with those who need your services.