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Every journey is one step away, start your journey with a click! Tourism is an experimental industry by nature, that needs an unique combination between text and visual content.

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Your credibility builds up with the help of your client’s opinions. The fact that they cannot see the services, makes them very sensitive when it comes to opinions, recommendations or critics. A review area is mandatory for a site that deals with tourism and traveling.

The efficiency for a travel site comes from its flawless functionality and from tools that facilitate the entire process of acquisition: interactive and intuitive calendars, saving options for favorite destination, online reservation forms easy to use.

Testimonials .

  • “I turned to Thecon after one of my counselors advise me to do so. The personnel from Thecon was truly flexible, acknowledging my marketing needs and also guiding me towards a web design and online development process.”

    Joe Durkee
  • I would like to thank the whole team for the job they did. It worked out very well.
    When you give a job to someone from another country you always have fear (you don’t know the language, can I transport in english what I want, I don’t know how they work, can they do the job, am I getting something for my money, etc.) That’s why the most important part is to create trust with the customer. Trust kills fear!
    Always there and short response times to email or spontaneous skype calls (very good and very important)

    Daniel Scholz
  • “Good work, very professional, strong in reactivity and communication. On time and budget! Great communication, very professional. Every task is finished on time and at a high level of quality. Will hire again!”

    Didem Durmaz Dichemet

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If you want to stimulate the interest and pleasure of those who visit your site you need to do that with big and breathtaking pictures. Even though they will rationally analyze your prices and accommodation conditions, what can make them choose you is the beauty, the quietness or the exoticism that can be found in the pictures from your site.

Offer your clients the possibility to access your site from anywhere. Apart from a full responsive option, a modern option to take into consideration would be developing an application.