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Facebook conversions API – How can it help your business




28 februarie 2022

  One of the most important things for marketers is information. The more information […]


One of the most important things for marketers is information. The more information a marketing team has about your customers, the more successful your marketing campaigns will be. Companies with very large budgets invest a lot of money to accumulate  information about what the customer thinks about a certain product.

They then use this information to deliver a message efficiently  and to sell a product as well as possible.

What is Facebook Conversions API?

The Facebook conversions API is a powerful tool that works together with the Facebook Pixel. If you don’t know how to use Pixel to its full potential, you won’t be able to take advantage. Facebook Pixel is used to gather information and data using the browser used by users.

What’s the difference between the Pixel and the Conversions API? The Facebook Pixel is heavily influenced by how the user uses their browser. The Facebook conversions API is still a pixel that can be used on any server you want. This means that it can be activated on the website where your business is located.

Another important aspect of the Facebook conversions API is that it does not use cookies. Tracking and gathering data is just as effective regardless of how you use your browser.

How does it work?

Being a tracker, the best thing to do is to track data. The Facebook conversions API can be used in most marketing campaigns. It can provide all kinds of information about the behavior of customers who have come to your website using Facebook. It can track page visits, web conversions, or post-conversion events. But what makes it even more important is the information it gives you to effectively optimize a marketing campaign.

It gives you information about audience insights, dynamic ads, and ad targeting. Conversions optimization for Facebook Ads is another very effective thing for which the Facebook conversions API gives you information. This information helps you build audiences, run retargeting campaigns, and make the most of features you wouldn’t have access to.


We could talk a lot about the benefits of it, but it’s important to understand why we need to use this tool. If you have no choice but to give up this information, you will be at a disadvantage to your competitors in the industry.

Lower Costs per action

The more optimized your ads are, the more likely they are to be sent to the right users who will buy your product. Facebook Conversions API gives you so much information and it helps you optimize your campaigns. This means their delivery will be much better. If the Facebook algorithm works much faster and everything is more efficient, the costs are lower.

Targeting and retargeting

The information helps you better target your customer audience. What if customers come to your website and would like to buy, but don’t do it when they see the products for the first time? The Facebook conversions API also solves this problem. Because it can track your users’ entire journey through the website, it will also be able to provide you with valuable information about their behavior. This will allow you to create special retargeting ads for those who have already reached the website but have not purchased.

Increased efficiency

Efficiency is the most important benefit of this feature. Because it can be supplemented with the information where Facebook Pixel is no longer effective, your ads will be much more effective with the API. For example, according to a study described by those at Hootsuite, a fashion and clothing company ran campaigns with Facebook Pixel and also ran campaigns where they also added the Facebook conversions API.

API ads are 5% cheaper in terms of cost per action. But more importantly, the combination of API and Pixel brought a 12% increase in attribution.

How to set up the API


If you’ve already tried to implement the API but failed, you’ve probably failed to set up a Facebook Pixel and also created a Facebook Business Manager account before that. There are two main ways you can set up your Facebook Conversions API. For one of them, you will need a developer, and for the other, you will have to follow the steps below.

If your website is built on one of Facebook’s partner platforms, you’ll be able to implement APIs without the need for coding knowledge. WordPress is a Facebook partner, so if your website is on WordPress, you’ll be able to do that.

  1. Go to Events Manager, Data Sources, select Pixel, and click Settings;
  2. Scroll down until you find the Conversions API, and click on that button that says Choose a partner;
  3. Choose your provider, and you will receive specific instructions.

What you should pay attention to

Once everything has been installed and optimized, it’s time to use the new feature and see what results in it brings you. Here’s what you need to do to make sure everything goes well and right:

  • Check that the Facebook Pixel also works correctly;
  • Use Facebook Payload Helper to test if the API has been implemented correctly;
  • Check what results you have after a week;
  • Remember, the more accurate your customer data, the better your Facebook ads will be.


Even if you think you’re already doing everything you can to optimize your Facebook ads, implementing the Facebook Conversions API will only increase your performance. Why not sell more?



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