Why is outsourcing to Romania one of the best choices in regards to Eastern Europe Region

outsourcing to romania

One of the world`s best software outsourcing terminus is Eastern Europe. The region provides an impressive diversity of tech experts, developed IT infrastructure and a very elaborate educational background. Outsourcing to Romania is in the top three preferences in the Eastern Europe region.

The worlds longest digital background is the one that has proven the highest rate of development, starting with the first smartphone, cloud computing, and now came to a point where you can make payments by using your fingerprint.

Now, companies want to keep pace with this development in order to deliver customer-friendly products. This outcome chase cannot be easily maintained, so companies turn to small collaborators that have enough resource and skill. But which is the right one?

Outsourcing to Romania as part of the Global  IT Outsourcing

There are many reasons why eastern Europe region is one of the world`s technological cores. Services are much cheaper and large companies claim that the costs are 30% lower if they choose to work with an outsourcing firm from Europe. The quality of IT experts in these countries is much higher than in other parts of the globe. The ability to communicate during projects is the thing that brings big companies closer.

outsourcing to romania


Recognized for their continuous technological development are countries such as Romania, Belarus, Poland, Ukraine.

Many options, many experts. It might be difficult to choose a collaboration who will fit your requirements. So you should start by deciding which country and city you would like to work with. In this article, we have tried to convince you why outsourcing to Romania is one of the best choices for your company

The IT industry along with outsourcing to Romania has reached a remarkable amount in 2017. 4.2 billion dollars represented a 5% GDP growth, according to data provided by the Romanian Software and Services Association. Romania has begun to attract global tech companies after joining the European Union. Thus, companies like Huawei, Microsoft or Ericsson have begun to work with outsourcing firms in Romania. According to A.T. Kearney`s 2016 Global Services Location Index, due to financial attraction, employee skills and the business environment, Romania was ranked 13th.

Thanks to certified IT specialists and over 120.000 active professionals, Romania is a place where outsourcing is practised on a high and advanced level, more than that, each outsourcing company is specialized and can fit into any project or company. Romania ranks 10th globally but also in Europe

outsourcing to romania

Romania is the fourth most attractive and competitive destination in the world for outsiders. In 2015, according to the Where in the World ranking Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) & Shared Service Location Index, developed by Cushman & Wakefield`s, one of the world`s most prominent industry profile indexes

In making this index, the following variables were assessed: the costs of the investment in each state, with a weight of 50% in the final decision, the operating conditions in each local market, the economic risks that are different from state to state.

Only Vietnam, the Phillippines and Bulgaria have more attractive markets than Romania, for international outsourcing companies in the Cushman & Wakefield`s index. Bucharest was ranked 39th in the Tholons rankings of the most attractive 100 destinations in the world in 2015 for the players in the global outsourcing industry, climbing a top spot over last year. The Tholons rankings are a barometer of trends in the global outsourcing industry.

With thousands and thousands of skilled IT experts from designers, managers, writers and programmers who offer high-quality services, Eastern Europe is a promising region for offshoring software development. And Romania is also a beautiful and welcoming destination. Have you chosen your next outsourcing partner?

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