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Top Trends in Graphic Design in 2019




17 ianuarie 2019

Experience has taught us that things are only successful when unusual phenomena take shape […]

Experience has taught us that things are only successful when unusual phenomena take shape and bother the balance of how everything function. Since web design is one of our passions and one of the things we do best, we are in a permanent run for new ideas and trends. Backend is very important for the efficiency of your business but for the customer, the first important aspect is what he sees, the graphic design.


In our search of the perfect strategy to produce a graphic design as close as possible to perfection, we have come to the conclusion that in 2019, the conversion rate will be influenced by a few graphic design trends. We will use them and we will try to include them in our projects.

1. Eco Design


If we’re talking about trends, one of the trends in 2019 is removing plastic from the commercial industry and encouraging bio and natural products. Large companies are starting to tackle environment-friendly packaging. Apparently these rustic colors cause us a state of well-being and are likely to begin to be used in the graphic design industry for web design.

2. Natural Stock Photos



Stock images are a must for those who are working in the field of graphic design. What’s not a must, however, is the level of saturation and monotony they create. More and more designers and developers appeal to the same stock images that transmit the same emotion. So the need for stock images that look more personal and express more intense states is bigger than ever.

3. Memphis

graphic design

Memphis is a graphic trend set in 1980 in Milan. It is a combination of several design movements and the concept has its foundation in abstract drawings. Being greatly used in 2018, this surefire graphic design will become even more popular in 2019 being a great example of rebellion, freedom and anti-balance.

4. Terrazzo

graphic design

Terrazzo is a very special graphic design trend. It was first used for floors, walls, tiles, but it has now turned out to be very attractive in the digital environment, and some graphic designers use it even when deciding on the colors for a website. The main elements that make up this style are futuristic textures, points, colors, contrast, geometric shapes and asymmetry.

5. Augmented Reality


Increasingly, consumers want to interact with the shopping or informational platforms. So the more an online website or online platform interacts with their audiences, the more conversions it will generate, and the more efficient it will be to the overall brand. Project Aero is the newest tool released by Adobe and will make Augmented Reality more accessible and easier to use in the digital environment.

6. Dark Themes


graphic design

Lack of color can be categorized as a lack of inspiration, but when your website combines black with a stunning set of colors, the results are not that bad. Newer black colors give you the freedom to easily customize them.

7. Gradient and Bright colors

graphic design

For now, there is no combination of colors to inspire a sense of relaxation like Gradient does. If you manage to get close to the shades used in the Instagram logo, you’ve found the right combination. A gradient can also be used for a personal website, but it also fits well into an online store. It’s a safe choice and you can not go wrong with it

As we expect, in 2019, the digital environment will try everything it takes to turn to life and show as realistically as possible. Live Colors, Augmented Reality, styles borrowed from infrastructure and outdoor design, these are some of the elements that will be trendy and you need to apply them in order for your design to compete with the rest of the market. Be creative!



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